Case Studies

Its time to start the conversation about adult phimosis.

  • Are you an Australian man who has experienced Phimosis (tight foreskin as an adult), or sought treatment for this condition over the past ten years?
  • Have you undergone an adult male circumcision as a result of this condition, or tried alternatives?
  • Would you share your story to help other men and their partners realise that conservative treatment options are available, and that this is a recognized medical condition that has a treatment pathway?
  • If so, please fill in the contact form below or email for a confidential chat about your experiences. You can remain anonymous if you so wish.
  • Partners encouraged to share their experiences also. Lets start talking about phimosis.

Lets start talking about phimosis.
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Is this case study about you, your partner or your son? We are interested in all of these case studies.