Clinical Trial Enquiry Form – Brisbane Princess Alexandra

Princess Alexandra Hospital is running an independent clinical trial of the Novoglan phimosis treatment  product at the Princess Alexandra Hospital – Urology Department. 

 If you are over 18 years of age and suffer from a tight foreskin you may be eligible to participate. 

 Please provide your confidential contact details below and the clinical trials team  will email or call you back to discuss this in complete privacy. Your details will remain strictly confidential.

 Key points: 

  • You must be a male aged 18 years of age or older.
  • All appointments are on site at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.
  • Participation if free of charge – if you have medicare card.
  • Some basic travel and reasonable parking costs will be covered.
  • The Novoglan medical device will be provided free of charge as part of the trial.
  • Once the clinical trials unit confirm you meet the inclusion criteria you will need to get a referral from a GP to participate in the trial. 
  • During the trial you will be under the care of Professor  Eric Chung (Clinical Urologist) and the Urology nursing staff. 

Your details will remain strictly confidential.

Contact the Princess Alexandra Hospital Novoglan Clinical Trials coordinator now,  by entering your details below which will remain strictly confidential. You can add some details in the description box such as your age and how long you have had the condition. 

Once you submit your details, you should receive an email response with further details. If not, please contact the clinical trial project coordinator on Your details will remain strictly confidential.